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The two greatest days of your life are
the day you were born 

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Our Purpose

Is to Help You Answer I KNOW …

What I Want to Be

Vocational Inspiration for Young Australians

Our Purpose

To help you know what you want to be.

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Meet some of our Bloody Clever Australians …

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Lindsay Fox AO | Keeps On Trucking 1937

Most driving Australians know the name Fox and the slogan ‘you are passing another Fox’. The fox being referred to is Lindsay Fox, founder of the trucking freight empire. Lindsay borrowed money to buy his first truck and turned that vision into a multi billion dollar...

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Mary Fortune | Pioneer Detective Story Writer (1833-1911)

Mary was born in Belfast, Ireland, daughter of George Wilson, a civil engineer of Scottish ancestry, No other woman, with the exception of Anna Katharine Green, wrote so much crime fiction in the nineteenth century. Fortune was the first woman to write fiction centred...

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Pat Sullivan | Creator of Felix the Cat (1887 – 1933)

Pat Sullivan was an Australian cartoonist, animator and film producer best known for being co-creator of the character Felix the Cat. Felix was created before Mickey Mouse and in the 1920’s was the most famous animated cartoon series in the world. Patrick Sullivan was...

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