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Q: What do you want to be?

A:  No Bloody Idea

 80% of secondary students answered NBI when asked this question.  Our education system incubates battery hens with the sole aim of attaining an irrelevant ATAR score.

No wonder kids are nervous, can’t make sense of or see the relevance of what is being taught. Having no bloody idea of career direction during school years or worse, at the end of school is a tragedy.

Consequently, depression and suicide rates are rising. We need to ignite their imaginations and help them to see possibilities. Our goal is to create ‘parents as  teacher’ resources that explore the pathway to the careers of clever Australians and link the resource to the curriculum. In short, make learning career relevant.


Young Australians can’t see a future in home ownership. 

We estimate that 75% of our prime agricultural land is foreign owned.

Sydney Morning Herald 30th September 2017

The findings from the Australian Tax Office’s Agricultural Land Register, released this week, show the UK and China are the largest owners of foreign-held land in Australia, owning 27 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

Foreigners now own up to a quarter of all agricultural land in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and 14 per cent of all farms across the country.

In NSW and Victoria, foreign interests own more than 3 million hectares. In Queensland it is six times that, with more than 17 million hectares in the state now owned by other countries through cattle stations, crops and abattoirs.

But concerns remain over the accuracy of the system which relies on individuals to self-register and imposes only a $9000 fine on those who fail to do so.

In other words, we’re being lied to.

These asset sales are the tip of the ice berg and we’re still going broke.

Feb 29, 2016 SMH

Australia’s net foreign debt has expanded beyond $1 trillion for the first time on record. Net foreign debt in the December quarter 2018 came in at $1,006 billion — an increase of 2.8 per cent on the previous quarter’s $971 billion.

WHY? Mismanagement by Property Developers (Politicians) whose only solution is stamp duty and sell, sell, sell. Name 1 other country that allows foreigners to own land?




An obvious approach to home ownership is to buy cooperatively. Pool the deposit to buy a home with multiple owners. The deposit is sufficient to positively gear property and repay the Bank loan and any outgoings. After an agreed period, members of the co operative can opt out and potentially have enough deposit for own home purchase. Working together is what migrants did and what we all should be considering. Property ownership can be a reality not just a dream if we can cooperate.

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