About Us

We are activists for primary school curriculum change. We are in the business of prevention of anxiety, stress, depression and suicide as a consequence of a lack of purpose.

Our Purpose Is:

  • To drive curriculum change in primary school.
  • To focus on enabling potential, positivity, and discovery of purpose through the creation of engaging fictional stories based on selected real-life superheroes, exploring journeys that inspire children and encourage resilience to find their own ‘WHY’.
  • To stop the tragic waste of living a mediocre life meandering aimlessly.

Finding purpose is within all our reach and we believe the quest starts from the first day of school.

Each of our stories is designed to PLANT THE SEED OF EARLY CAREER THOUGHT, to think about possibilities. The story structure is loosely based around an inspirational Australian, people who made a difference, who showed great courage to overcome challenges to achieve their goals, who inspired us with their journey towards purpose and, in doing so, helped shaped our nation and made us proud to be who we are.

We are acolytes of Sir Ken Robinson who was an activist for school curriculum change. If you’d like, please take five minutes to meet Sir Ken, knighted for his quest to CHANGE THE EDUCATION PARADIGM, a redundant system that has failed generations around the world. Ken is our spirit, and continuing his mission is what drives us… Read more

In our attempts to create resources to put purpose back into education, and help drive change to a broken education system, you may find this summary from the paper titled Changing the Education Paradigm from the Centre of Strategic Education as further proof of the problem and opportunity.

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Report conclusion summary, suggesting the real problem is in the system of education itself:

Hope grounded in concrete action is essential. Mazzucato states: ‘Challenges are the big goals [that] need to be brought together in different sectors. And then the powerhouse conclusion: ‘instead of just talking about purpose and stakeholder value, what does it mean to nest purpose in a system, not just in corporations, but in a system to affect public and private work together in new ways’ (Giridharadas, 2020).


Hope with ‘tangibility’; ‘nested purpose’: In short, hope can be a strategy if it is hitched to a compelling vision that is experienced.

About Bernard Thompson

Bernard Thompson is the founder of Bloody Clever (Australians) Pty td. He left school with absolutely no idea of his future and ended up in the advertising industry. It took him 40 years to find his purpose. Bernard believes the truest goal of education is to help each of us find our purpose. An overemphasis on achieving irrelevant competencies puts this goal at risk unless it helps you to answer the most important question of all: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO BE? Bernard is now dedicated to helping you FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

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Bloody Clever Sun Protection

Not So Bloody Clever

Bernard did not get rich, in fact the opposite. He trusted the University partner to protect his/ their interests in Patent negotiations. The University looked after their major Pharmaceutical sponsor resulting in a dodgy performance deal. Good bye house.

Bloody Clever Bacteria Risk Prevention

Not So Bloody Clever

In 2000 he shifted away from protecting skin from sun damage to protecting skin from bacteria transfer. He created surface protective coatings to kill bacteria and fungi.

Although the products delivered on their promise, regulators red tape ignoring international research on product performance efficacy required that we could no longer make antimicrobial or mould prevention claims without spending tens of thousands of dollars to prove the proven.





Bloody Clever Organic Pest Control

Bernard explored safer pest control with organic products. He was the first in the world to take a 100% natural product Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (think talcum powder) and put it in an aerosol can to prevent / kill Bed Bugs. Bernard funded laboratory trials with Entomologist’s to conduct tests on Bed Bugs which proved that Rapelle Bugs Diatomaceous Earth aerosol had the same mortality efficacy as a dangerous poison and was 100% NATURAL.


Not So Bloody Clever

Regulators deemed this 100% natural organic resource (mined in Australia) to be classified as an ‘insecticide’, therefore requiring several hundred thousand dollars to be spent to gain registration. The product was excellent for eradicating bugs with waxy external skeletons but was subsequently withdrawn.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bernard gave up and asked himself the question; What do I want to be? And the answer was to take his knowledge and help future generations be BLOODY CLEVER, to live a purposeful life, make money and keep Australia from being sold out by property developers masquerading as Politicians selling off our country as their only solution to balance the budget.

The Future

To create a collaborative architecture to share and incubate ideas safely without egos, plagiarism or outright theft.

Apple have a structure to nurture ideas and attract the best minds. IE App developers work together in a safe and trusted environment called innovation silos so that the best ideas are harvested and commercialised for mutual benefit.

We can do this in Australia and keep our best minds and best inventions Australian owned and the revenue and royalties contribute to our Commonwealth.

It all starts with education and making learning career relevant to ensure children leave school confident.



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