About Us

The journey to self-discovery is the greatest journey of all. Our Purpose is to help Australians of all ages to say, I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE. In doing so, be a catalyst for discovery of purpose, ideas and prosperity.

We believe Australia’s future lies in our ability to nurture, harvest and commercialise our greatest resource. Imaginations are limitless we just have to ignite them. Cleverness can be taught and learned so that future generations ‘hit the ground running’ at the commencement of high school knowing what it is they will do with their life. We believe per capita we can be the cleverest nation on earth.

The Past

Bernard Thompson, founder of Bloody Clever Australians Pty Ltd, left school with no bloody idea. He fell into working for multinational Advertising Agencies, ultimately helping to solve clients advertising problems and sometimes introduce and test market new product ideas.

Bernard left Advertising after 25 years to have a crack at solving Australia’s skin cancer problem. He began Rapelle Pty Ltd in 1992 with a focus on protecting the body’s largest organ from harmful UV rays. His research revealed that garments made from natural fibres blocked minimal UV. The research he funded discovered that reactive dyes could be incorporated in the dyeing process to permanently bond with the textile fabric to block UV, particularly natural fibre.

Australia was the first country to manufacture Sun Safe garments with the world’s highest UV protection factor of UPF 50+. The garment was breathable and the wearer comfortable. To view our past work on changing the global textile market click here.

Bloody Clever Sun Protection

Not So Bloody Clever

Bernard did not get rich, in fact the opposite. He trusted the University partner to protect his/ their interests in Patent negotiations. The University looked after their major Pharmaceutical sponsor resulting in a dodgy performance deal. Good bye house.

Bloody Clever Bacteria Risk Prevention

Not So Bloody Clever

In 2000 he shifted away from protecting skin from sun damage to protecting skin from bacteria transfer. He created surface protective coatings to kill bacteria and fungi.

Although the products delivered on their promise, regulators red tape ignoring international research on product performance efficacy required that we could no longer make antimicrobial or mould prevention claims without spending tens of thousands of dollars to prove the proven.





Bloody Clever Organic Pest Control

Bernard explored safer pest control with organic products. He was the first in the world to take a 100% natural product Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (think talcum powder) and put it in an aerosol can to prevent / kill Bed Bugs. Bernard funded laboratory trials with Entomologist’s to conduct tests on Bed Bugs which proved that Rapelle Bugs Diatomaceous Earth aerosol had the same mortality efficacy as a dangerous poison and was 100% NATURAL.


Not So Bloody Clever

Regulators deemed this 100% natural organic resource (mined in Australia) to be classified as an ‘insecticide’, therefore requiring several hundred thousand dollars to be spent to gain registration. The product was excellent for eradicating bugs with waxy external skeletons but was subsequently withdrawn.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bernard gave up and asked himself the question; What do I want to be? And the answer was to take his knowledge and help future generations be BLOODY CLEVER, to live a purposeful life, make money and keep Australia from being sold out by property developers masquerading as Politicians selling off our country as their only solution to balance the budget.

The Future

To create a collaborative architecture to share and incubate ideas safely without egos, plagiarism or outright theft.

Apple have a structure to nurture ideas and attract the best minds. IE App developers work together in a safe and trusted environment called innovation silos so that the best ideas are harvested and commercialised for mutual benefit.

We can do this in Australia and keep our best minds and best inventions Australian owned and the revenue and royalties contribute to our Commonwealth.

It all starts with education and making learning career relevant to ensure children leave school confident.



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