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The two greatest days of your life are
the day you were born 
and the day you discover WHY.


Our Purpose

Is to Help You Answer I KNOW …

What I Want to Be

Vocational Inspiration for Young Australians

Our Purpose

To help you know what you want to be.

Bloody Clever Australian Stories

Must be original, must be Australian.

Bloody Legends

As voted by Australia.

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Bloody Legends

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Billy does.
Share your thoughts and his.



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Meet some of our Bloody Clever Australians …

Read stories about Bloody Clever Australians.

Alex The Astronaut | Teaching Others to Fly

Alex The Astronaut | Teaching Others to Fly

Alex The Astronaut will one day be called a Bloody Legend. Alex is a gifted story teller, sports women, academic and musician. All achieved in her youth and blazing a trail for others to follow. She is a Bloody Clever Australian. We all may be a little intimidated by...

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Johnny O’Keefe | The Wild One (1935-1978)

Johnny O’Keefe | The Wild One (1935-1978)

John Michael O’Keefe was born on 19 January 1935 in Sydney New South Wales. Johnny attended Christian Brothers' College Waverley. During his journey he became an Australian music industry legend and in 1988 his name was included in the Australian Record Industry...

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Bernard Midget Farrelly | First Man (1944 – 2016)

Bernard Midget Farrelly | First Man (1944 – 2016)

Midget Farrelly was the ‘first man’ to win the first official surfing world championship at Sydney's Manly Beach in 1964, and dominated the sport throughout the decade. Midget was a ‘water baby’, craftsman, leader and visionary. He grew up and lived in paradise on the...

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